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Prance office building lobby interior curtain wall system

Prance offers Prance office building lobby interior curtain wall system for commercial projects. We provide services from design drawing, product analyze, installation.

Single aluminum plate ceilings can be seen in many official and commercial buildings. In area of office building lobby, Prance suggests using single aluminum plate ceilings to perform excellent decorative effect and fine details. With the development of the architecture and public aesthetic, single aluminum plate ceiling is no longer confined to the traditional kind of square shape. With Prance, we can produce all kinds of Single aluminum plate ceilings. For example: modeling aluminum plate, special-shaped aluminum plate, punching aluminum plate, engraving aluminum plate, fluorocarbon aluminum plate and so on. Modeling aluminum plate has the biggest feature of the ever-changing shape, which can also be customized according to customer’s own needs

Single Aluminum Plate ceiling

Product Specifications (Aluminum Single Plate)
Common thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Common specifications: 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm
main materials: Aluminum veneer structure mainly by the panel,

ribs and angle codes and other components.

Material Aluminum alloy 1100,3003

Surface treatment: fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating,

paint spraying, drawing, roller coating,

Wood transfer,peritoneum.

Color: hook plate color is generally white,

can refer to the color card,

can also customize a variety of colors.





Product Specifications (Aluminum Casement Window)
Types Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
Casement Window 1.4 50  Serie
60  Serie
70  Serie
1.Surface Work PVDF Coating, Powder Coating, Anodization,

coloring electrophoresis

2.Glass Choice 6/8mmSingle Glass or 5+9A+5/6+9A+6mm

Temper Hollow Glass

3.Hardware choice KIN LONG, HEHE, Roto-frank

Product Specifications
Gypsum Board Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/sqm)
 200W 6 1.8
7 2.1
8 2.3
9 2.5
250W 6 1.8
7 2.2-3
8 2.7/2.8/3
9 3.1/3.5
300W 7 2.2
9 3/3.2
10 3.9
595*595 7 2.3/2.5
600*600 7
603*603 7
Base materials Polyvinyl-chlorid(PVC)
Surface treatment Printing/Transfer/Lamination
Type of surface flat/Middle groove/flat with side





















Product Specifications
Types Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
Glass Partition 1.2/1.6 80  Serie
83  Serie
85  Serie
100  Serie
1.Profile Color Black, Deep Gray, Silver、White、Rose Gold
2.Glass Choice 5/6mm Single Glass or 5+5/6+6mm

Hollow Double Glass

3.Satisfied Height Wall Height 2.2m~5m

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