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Prance restaurant industrial suspended ceiling

Prance offers Prance restaurant industrial suspended ceiling for commercial projects. We provide services from design drawing, product analyze, installation.

Prance wood grain aluminum square tube ceiling is a decorative curtain-type ceiling. It contains linear shape that brings brightness and elegance; rich color that brings harmony and nature. It uses thermal transfer technology or UV transfer technology for the surface treatment. Prance Wood-grain Aluminum square tube ceiling installed at the appropriate visual angle through appropriate height, can produce wooden curtain effect, creating a linear and open atmosphere. It is very suitable for high-class restaurants.

Wooden linear ceiling

Square tube ceiling Thickness Distance
30W x 50H/70H/100H/120H 0.6-0.8mm 100mm
40W x 40H/70H/90H
50W x 40H/60H/90H/110H
20W x 100H 1.05mm 100mm
25W x 100H 1.0/1.05/1.25/1.75/2.0mm
50W x 150H 1.55mm
Base materials Aluminum alloy,the grade of aluminum alloy can

be selected according to the actual requirements.

Surface treatment Powder coated(ordinary powder, Polyester powder),

Paint coated

Type of surface Plain plate or perforated plate is selected according

to the actual requirements

Types Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
Casement Door 2 50  Serie
70  Serie
1.Surface Work PVDF Coating, Powder Coating, Anodization,

coloring electrophoresis

2.Glass Choice 6/8mmSingle Glass or 5+9A+5/6+9A+6mm

Temper Hollow Glass

3.Hardware choice KIN LONG, HEHE, Roto frank

Product Specifications Mineral Fiber Board
Specification Thickness
595x595mm 10-20mm
603x603mm 10-20mm
575*575(595*595)mm 10-20mm
Edge Square, tegular, conseal, super conseal
Surface Pattern Fine fissue, star, worms, plain, sand
Material Mineral wool, perlite,paper, starch, sepiolite, preservatives, moisture-proof glue
Feature Light weight, acoustic with NRC 90, CAC 40
flat T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

flat T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

safety exterior Shopping mall glass roof shading
Polyester Coating Malaysia Aluminum Ceilings
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