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Prance shopping mall project use false ceiling


Prance offers Prance shopping mall project use false ceiling for commercial projects. We provide services from design drawing, product analyze, installation.

PRANCE suggests installing Aluminum  tile Ceiling and Open Cell Ceiling in shopping mall and commercial complex areas.

Product Specifications—Aluminum Clip in Ceiling
Specification Thickness
300x300mm 0.45-1.1mm
Base materials Aluminum alloy 1100,the grade of aluminum alloy can be selected

according to the actual requirements.

Surface treatment Powder coated(ordinary powder, Polyester powder),Paint coated,Film coated
Type of surface Plain plate or perforated plate is selected according to the actual requirements

Open cell ceiling is composed by the main grid and cross grid intersection. It’s an open-style decorative ceiling made of cell units. PRANCE aluminum cell ceiling system  has high ventilation performance, fire performance, compact structure, rich layers, and rich color appearance. On top of the ceilings , it’s free to install grille lights, down-lights, exhaust vent, sound system and so on. Aluminum Open cell ceiling can be combined with other types of ceilings, in order to produce more decorative effects. PRANCE aluminum Open cell ceiling system is widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment centers and other public places.

Product Specifications—Open Ceill Ceiling
Width(mm) Height(mm) Thickness Open Size
10,15 30,40,45,50,60,80 0.35-0.6mm 75×75(mm)
Base materials Aluminum alloy,the grade of aluminum alloy can

be selected according to the actual requirements.

Besides,galvanized iron and stainless steel material is also available

Surface treatment Powder coated(ordinary powder, Polyester powder),Paint coated
Type of surface Plain plate or perforated plate is selected according

to the actual requirements

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