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pvc gypsum well known ceiling T-grid India

T-grid & Accessory

T-grid is one of most important components in the ceiling suspension system. Many common ceiling products are installed with T-grids, for examples, lay-on ceilings, mineral fiber ceilings, PVC gypsum ceilings, etc. As a result, there is a large demand of T-grid in many countries.

Therefore, it’s very crucial to choose the good qualities T-grid, not only for the decoration effects, but more importantly for the safety aspects. When introducing T-grid in the suspension system, T-grid plays a role of bearing the weight of ceiling. A good T-grid should have enough hardness and thickness to support the ceilings. In addition, it should have the regular performances of moisture-proof, fire-proof, and shock-proof. T-grid is made out of galvanized steel. To make sure the galvanized steel is good quality, you can check the “snowy point” on the surface of T-grid. More “snows” means better. Of course, Prance offers the best quality of T-grid like anybody knows.


Here are 3 types of common T-grids Prance offers:

  1. Flat T-grid
  2. Black line T-grid
  3. Black groove T-grid
Black line T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

Black line T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

flat T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

flat T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

Black groove T-grid ceiling suspension assessory

Black groove T-grid ceiling suspension assessory



T-grid & Accessory

T-Grid is the most widely specified grid in middle east.It includes a wide range of profiles and colours and is fully compatible with all PRANCE Mineral Fiber Board ceiling tiles as well as most third party brands. Precision design and quality manufacturing ensure both structural and aesthrtic integrity in Mineral Fiber Board ceiling designs.T-grid & Accessory1




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Project Name: Yinzhou City office
Location: Zhejiang, Ningbo, China
Area: 13500.0 sqm
Solution: Ceiling / Lighting

Windows and Doors

Air condition system

Project Year: 2015
Office Ceiling

Prance aluminum blade will be modern & fashion in public area

Public area Ceiling

Prance black round tube will be resistance soiling & modern in public area

Boardroom Ceiling

Fireproof, moisture-resistant, tidy andcomfortable when using Prance gypsum board

artistic sound insulated Hotel corridor Drop Ceiling
cafe Malaysia aluminum frame frameless glass wall
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