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Soundproof artistic hotel corridor sliding window

Prance soundproof artistic hotel corridor sliding window is very popular in commercial complex projects in many countries. It combines functions and aesthetics, and can be produced customized.

Advantages of PRANCE aluminum doors and windows:

1. The product design is tight, ensuring excellent wind pressure resistance, shock resistance, and durability.

2. The profile design adopts standard hardware slot, which connects multiple lock points to achieve a good anti-theft function.

3. The product leaf is equipped with anti-shake device, which makes it flexible and convenient during the push-pull process, no noise.

4. The product slot width, flexible with hollow tempered glass.

Sliding Window1

Prance tempered glass Brazil sliding door track is very popular in commercial complex projects in many contries. It combines functions and aesthetics, and can be produced customized.

Sliding window features:Sliding Window2

Types Profile Thickness(mm)   Serie
Sliding Window 1.4 80  Serie
85  Serie
88  Serie
90  Serie
1.Surface Work PVDF Coating, Powder Coating, Anodization, coloring electrophoresis
2.Glass Choice 6/8mmSingle Glass or 5+9A+5/6+9A+6mm Temper Hollow Glass
3.Hardware choice KIN LONG, HEHE, Roto-frank

Aluminum structcture:Sliding Window3Installation diagram:Sliding Window4



one-stop solution for building

material to the customers

Project Name: Dock En Seine Offices
Location: France
Area: 16200.0sqm
Solution: Ceiling / Lighting

Windows and Doors

Air condition system

Project Year: 2010
sliding door aluminum sliding door
Sliding Door:The staff rooms used PRANCE aluminum sliding door.
Office building corridor entrances uses high quality aluminum casement door
Building entrance gate used automatic door, to comply with the flow of people and faculties.

Station America tempered sunshade
sound insulated artistic Office Building lobby glass canopy
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