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suspended Station anti-bacteria PVC Gypsum Board

 Prance offers suspended Station anti-bacteria PVC Gypsum Board in many big projects. They combine functions and aesthetics, and can be customized.

                      Product data:

PVC gypsum board texture

Specification Thickness Base materials
Metric System British System 7-12mm PVC film + Gypsum body + Aluminum foil
595x595mm/600x600mm 603x603mm/603x1210mm
Surface treatment PVC film
Type of Film White color, Shining golden,Shining silver,Simple colours
Noice Reduction Coefficient 0.1-0.3
Fireproof Performance According with Chinese Standard GB624(1997)
Certificate CE EN13964 European certificate

Installation picture for PVC Gypsum ceiling:

PVC gypsum ceiling installation,PVC gypsum ceiling installed

PVC gypsum ceiling installation

1 PVC Gypsum Panel 5 Main T-grid
2 L angle 6 Cross T-grid
3 Clip 7 expansion screw

with half hook

4 Hanger of 38 Main channel



one-stop solution for building

material to the customers

Project Name: Dock En Seine Offices
Location: France
Area: 16200.0sqm
Solution: Ceiling / Lighting

Windows and Doors

Air condition system

Project Year: 2010
Lay-in1 Lay in
Office Ceiling

With 600x1200x0.8 aluminum

ceilingoffice will be more bright and smart

Lay-in3 Lay in
Meeting room Ceiling

12mm gypsum board after paint meeting room will be tidy and comfortable More Case

Lay-in5 Lay in
Restaurant Ceiling

Mineral fiber board is good for noise reduction

Toilet newest drywall profile system
suspended Station anti-bacteria Gypsum Board
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