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Melbourne Metro Deepening Project Case

The Melbourne suburban loop subway project in Australia is one of the most expensive subway construction projects in the world. The project aims to connect Melbourne's city center and suburbs through a major railway line, with a total length of approximately 90 kilometers.

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Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

Melbourne is a unique city with many technical and engineering challenges in the construction of a suburban metro. Now that the first phase has begun, PRANCE is honored to have been trusted by the constructor to deepen the design of the Melbourne Metro's suspended ceilings for this project.

Project Timeline


Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We


Aluminum Profile/ Rib/ Baffle/ Rib Connector

Application Scope:

suspended ceiling

Services We Offer:

Planning product drawings, demonstrating 3D models, cross-referencing product information multiple times, material selection for products, and providing technical guidance and support during construction.

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| Challenge

The Melbourne Metro project faces many challenges. Firstly, the unique urban structure of Melbourne places extremely high demands on the sound absorption and noise reduction performance of ceiling materials. Secondly, in order to align with local traditions and history, the design team adopted an arched architectural style, which required us to re model and produce, resulting in relatively high costs. At the same time, there is also a high demand for the accuracy of materials. For most building material manufacturers on the market, this is a major challenge.

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| Solution

After a series of in-depth meetings and communication between PRANCE and the builder, the company successfully designed product drawings to meet the requirements of the project and produced a detailed 3D animation of the installation. During the meeting, the PRANCE team not only interpreted the content of the drawings in detail, but also showed the company's past successful cases. These efforts eventually won the constructor's recognition of PRANCE's product solutions.

Melbourne Metro Deepening Project Case 5

3D Animation

The project is still under construction, and the PRANCE team will continue to monitor the situation on site and optimize the solution according to the actual needs. We look forward to the smooth progress of the project and its early completion.

| Deepening Design Effect

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