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PRANCE Aluminum Solid Panel Brand 1
PRANCE Aluminum Solid Panel Brand 1

PRANCE Aluminum Solid Panel Brand

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Product details of the aluminum solid panel

Quick Overview

PRANCE aluminum solid panel is manufactured by the first-rate materials from reliable suppliers. Testing is an important prerequisite to assure the quality of this product. The aluminum solid panel developed by PRANCE is widely used in various fields. The product is highly recommended by users and has great market potential.

Product Introduction

Compared with products in the same category, aluminum solid panel we produce is equipped with the following advantages.

Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

Aluminum honeycomb composite panel is produced by the German advanced equipment, using the compound hot-melt prcess into a brand-new composite materials. Due to its structure, the aluminum honeycomb panel is more like a sandwich which increases its strength and rigidity. The greatest advantage about the aluminum honeycomb composite panel is the flat and smooth, and these two advantages do not influence by its size.

The size of this aluminium honeycomb composite panel can do up to 1400mm and the length up to 6000mm. Aluminum honeycomb panel has a very light weight also which can easiness for workers to install or move. As a professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China, PRANCE  offers the best custom aluminum honeycomb composite panel for wordlwide customers. Welcome to inquire about custom aluminium honeycomb composite panel price, we are the best choice of aluminum composite panel supplier.

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PRANCE METALWORK BUILDING MATERIAL CO.,LTD, a company, is mainly engaged in the production, processing, and sales of With the tenet of 'making employees happy and providing quality products for the society', our company is committed to becoming a industry head that can lead the development of the industry. Based on good cooperation with research institutes, PRANCE strengthens product R&D capability and absorbs scientific research professionals, which provides a strong guarantee for product improvement and brand building. With Internet technology, we provide a one-stop solution for practical and effective implementation of related problems encountered in the process of purchasing products.
Our products are of reliable quality, with great cost performance and you can purchase them with confidence. If you are in need, please contact us for business discussion.

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