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Photovoltaic Glass

Photovoltaic Glass
Photovoltaic Glass Series Products

Photovoltaic Glass, There Is Light And There Is Electricity!
Photovoltaic glass solar panels offer a 10% increase in power generation efficiency compared to traditional crystalline silicon solar panels, as well as higher aesthetics and light transmission. This makes it suitable for a wide range of buildings and environments.
Application Case
Photovoltaic Glass is extremely adaptable to the installation angle and can therefore be flexibly applied to a wide range of architectural forms and scenarios.
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Key Features & Performance
● Product Colors And Realistic Textures Can Be Customized.
● Significant return on investment Not only that, but it is also             zero-carbon and recyclable.

● Good low light performance.
● Strong resistance to shading.
● Small angle dependence.
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Product Advantage
● Strong resistance to shading
● Small heat spots
● Good low light performance
● Small angle dependence
There is no need to be afraid of being covered
by an object.
The vertical marking design of cadmium
telluride batteries can minimize power loss
under partial shading.
Not dependent on the weather, it can generate
electricity even if it's cloudy or rainy.
Any angle can be considered based on the needs.

Product parameters

Glass Sizer Glass Thickness Glass Thickness After
Area Weight
1600*1200*26.9mm 6.9mm 26.9mm (including- 
junction box thickness)
1.92㎡ 30kg
Conducting Wire Bypass Diodes Front Panel Glass Back Panel Glass Battery Type
2.5㎡, 1000mm HY6A10S 3.2mm 
ultra-clear float glass
semi-tempered glass
telluride batteries
Number Of Sub-Cells Encapsulation Packaging Information / /
Customized POE/EVA 30 tablets/torr / /
Photovoltaic Glass Customizable Style
Product Colors And Realistic Textures Can Be Customized You can choose different colors, textures, and patterns according to your preferences or specific requirements of the building, so that solar cells can integrate with the appearance and style of the building, improving the overall aesthetics. Customized Photovoltaic glass solar cells provide more flexibility and creativity for building design.
● Customizable Imitation brick               shading
● Customizable Solid shading
● Customizable Image shading
● Customizable Glaze shading
● Customizable high definition               version
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