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Space Capsule
Space Capsule

Space Capsule Series

High-density steel structural framework,Thickened aerospace aluminum panel.

No foundation required, suitable for peaks, dense forests, and tidal flats.

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Waterproof moisture-proof, thermal insulation and soundproofing, custom design, wind-resistant and pressure-resistant, sturdy and durable.
The whole-house smart home system provides a more comprehensive and high-quality service, enhancing the overall user experience.
Product Top View
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Product Front View

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Product Specifications

Modular architectural design, fully assembled with flexible forms, low-cost factory production, and short construction time.

Technical ParameterSH1 - Space CapsuleSH2 - Space CapsuleSH3 - Space CapsuleSH4 - Space Capsule
Product MaterialHigh-density steel structural framework Thickened aerospace aluminum panel
Specifications (m²)
Area:28m²Area: 38m²Area: 28m²Area: 38m²
Wooden Box Sizes
(L*W*H m)



Maximum Power7.5KW/12KW (with underfloor heating)11.5KW/17KW (with underfloor heating)//
Applicable scenarios

Outdoor camping, the future trend of the hospitality industry, can be used in various scenarios such as mobile KTVs, mobile offices, mobile coffee shops, restaurants,

and outdoor boutique hotels

Product Introduction Video
PRANCE is dedicated to creating a brand new home sunroom living experience.
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Foldable Space Capsule
Transitioning from the traditional integrated container to a foldable space capsule.
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Easy to disassemble
4 (38)
Foldable for easy transportation
5 (30)
Multiple load-bearing structures
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100mm insulation layer
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Solar Energy System For The Zero-Carbon Pinciple
Solar panels meet the household's power demands to the fullest extent, cleverly storing excess electricity.
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• Various combination and arrangement options, allowing users to freely customize based on their individual needs.
Intelligent System Selection
Can be paired with various intelligent systems, allowing you to move in with your bag and enjoy a comfortable life
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Completely Upgraded showerSpace Station.
4 (38)
Zero Touch technology sensing.control for lifting, rotating
8 (11)
With a variety of dynamiclighting effects
6 (41)
Smart Sensor Lock That Employs Fingerprint Recognition
3 (52)
Blending With Nature 270 -Degree Panoramic Class
7 (17)
Comprehensive Protection ofYour Privacy
5 (30)
Dry Wet Separation For a Comfortable Shower Experience
1 (59)
Smart Air Conditioning System,Promoting Air Circulation
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Real Application
space capsule are suitable for a variety of decoration styles.
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General Overview

  • The entrance door of the space capsule  adopts a smart access control system. The floor features high-quality composite wood flooring, while the ceiling and walls are made of bamboo charcoal fiberboard. Interior amenities include multi-colored ambient lights, motorized curtains, electric skylights, a whole-house smart control system, fire smoke alarms, and various power outlets. The bathroom is equipped with glass sliding doors, a smart toilet, an instant water heater with an integrated shower, and optional additions such as central air conditioning, electric floor heating, projectors, etc. With various size options, this kind of space capsule does it capture your imagination?

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Customizeo Styles

Widely practical, including private residential balconies and courtyards, commercial shops, private rooms, karaoke rooms, scenic observation cabins, homestays, and more.
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