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Providing Advanced Design Services and Solutions for the Implementation of the Los Angeles Disney Project

ARTIST ROW is an art store located in the center of Anaheim, adjacent to the Blue House and Anaheim Garden Pedestrian Street AMC, facing Disneyland and Anaheim Convention Center across the street.

PRANCE is a leading expert in aluminum ceiling and curtain wall solutions, renowned for our ability to refine and enhance architectural designs. Our expertise lies in transforming creative concepts into practical, aesthetically pleasing structures. For the Los Angeles Disney Project, we provided advanced design solutions that ensured the project's success and visual impact.

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Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

The core of Artist Row is an outdoor art gallery that completely subverts the traditional museum environment. Intended to create safe space for local artists and art enthusiasts, PRANCE is honored to participate in this deepening design plan to create a unique art space for Artist Row.

Project Timeline:


our offered:

Application Scope:

Outdoor facades

Services We Offer:

Provide detailed design solutions, plan product drawings, cross reference product information multiple times, and demonstrate 3D models

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| real-life photography

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| Challenge

ARTIST ROW aims to design a completely disruptive artistic space environment, and how to transform this disruptive design into real-life construction will be a major challenge. This requires matching suitable materials and providing detailed explanations for each material and installation details.

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| Solution

PRANCE employed a multi-faceted approach to overcome these challenges:

1.Advanced CAD Technology: We used cutting-edge CAD tools to create detailed installation drawings and 3D models. These models provided a clear visualization of the design enhancements and helped in identifying potential issues before construction began.

2.Comprehensive Instructions: Our team developed thorough installation instructions that covered every aspect of the design refinement process. These instructions ensured that the construction team had a clear understanding of the requirements and could execute the project flawlessly.

3.Effective Communication: We maintained continuous online communication with the project leaders, providing updates and addressing any questions promptly. This collaborative approach ensured that the project stayed on track and met all design and functional requirements.

| Installation Drawings

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| 3D animation installation video

We have created a 3D animated installation video to enhance our service and provide customers with a better understanding of our products and services.

Providing Advanced Design Services and Solutions for the Implementation of the Los Angeles Disney Project 8

| Deepening Design Effect

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