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Fire Testing of Triangle Metal Panel

Triangle metal panel is renowned for its outstanding durability, fire resistance, exceptional strength, and unique modern or geometric aesthetics. These versatile metal panels can be crafted from various types of metal materials to meet specific project requirements, with aluminum alloy being the most popular choice.

Tests have proven that these metal triangle panels have excellent fire-resistant properties, maintaining structural stability and integrity even in high-temperature and fire-prone situations.  Whether used for exterior wall decoration or as roofing material, metal triangle ceiling panels provide added security, making them an ideal choice in environments with higher fire risks. Whether it's an industrial project or a residential building, PRANCE metal triangle panel' fire resistance ensures reliable protection and safety in emergencies.

Triangle metal panels showcase their excellence in versatility and aesthetic value in every aspect. No matter what your project demands, PRANCE, as a professional custom metal panel manufacturer, will provide you with reliable solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

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