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Exploring the Craftsmanship of Perforated Metal Panel

The production process of perforated metal panel is highly precise, with each step meticulously planned and executed to create a stunning appearance and outstanding performance.

Punching is a crucial step in the creation of perforated metal panel. During this phase, metal materials are placed on specialized punch presses or punching machinery, and precise punching tools are used to accurately process holes into the material according to design specifications. Our PRANCE amada punching machines, for example, achieve a hole spacing accuracy of ±0.1mm. The arrangement, size, and shape of these holes can be customized according to project requirements.

The folding step is also pivotal, as the bending process precisely alters the shape and structure of the single-hole aluminum panel. This step demands highly skilled craftsmen using specialized bending equipment, requiring not only skill but also extensive experience and professional knowledge.

The third step, board washing after punching, ensures that the aluminum panel remain clean and maintain their appearance and performance.

After washing and drying, the next step is powder coating. Appropriate powder coatings are evenly applied to the material's surface and then cured at high temperatures to provide aesthetics and protection. This helps enhance the material's durability and corrosion resistance.

Finally, the finished perforated metal panel undergo meticulous inspection and packaging to ensure they remain intact during transportation and installation. Each panel is carefully packaged to prevent surface scratches or damage.

In summary, the production process of perforated metal panel is a testament to precision craftsmanship, involving punching, folding, washing, coating, and packaging. These steps combine to create a product that not only showcases stunning aesthetics but also delivers exceptional performance.

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