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Is there any 300*600 aluminum perforated panel

300*600 aluminum gushing ceiling Product is a common ceiling decoration material in office ceiling decoration. The product is mainly installed and used with triangular keel. The overall effect is relatively flat, simple, and atmospheric.The thickness of the product is: 0.5-1.0mm can be selected freely.

The aluminum perforated ceiling ceiling system is a new domestic ceiling decoration product. The aluminum perforated panel has flat surface and clear outline. The edge is installed in fine -packed. The aluminum perforated ceiling ceiling is vigorously implemented.Simple decorative effect.The characteristic of aluminum perforated ceiling is characterized by flame retardant, corrosion corrosion, moisture -proof, etc., and it is convenient to use. Each aluminum perforated can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for installation and replacement in the future.

300*600 aluminum perforated ceiling products are more commonly used in public places such as office, schools, libraries, laboratories, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, and studios.For users with sound absorption, it is recommended to use punching aluminum perforateds or insulated materials that lay glass wool felt in the ceiling structure according to the design of the ceiling structure.You can also add a layer of sound -absorbing cotton paper or black flame -retardant croar on the back of the perforated panel, which can meet a certain sound absorption standard.

Is there any 300*600 aluminum perforated panel 1

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