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What is the general price of aluminum perforated ceiling panel?

Ceiling aluminum gushing products generally want to know the price of the product. Manufacturers need to know the product thickness of the product to quote. Because of different product specifications and thickness, the price of the product is different.There are two types of tablets and punching panels. Pole panels have a good effect on the use of space to absorb noise and noise. The specifications of aluminum perforated ceiling products are: 600*600/600*1200/300*600/300*1200mm. The thickness of the product is: 0.5-1.0 can be done.Different specifications should choose the appropriate product thickness. If the thickness of the product does not meet the standard, it may cause the final installation to be completed, and some places will have unevenness in some places, which will affect the visual aesthetics.Pay special attention in choosing.Is that the thicker the product, the better?In fact, it is not used. As long as the thickness meets the thickness of the product specifications, the specific consultation product supplier. aluminum perforated ceilingting has good fire prevention, moisture -proof, and corrosion resistance of aluminum.Complete recyclable green environmental protection decorative products.

What is the general price of aluminum perforated ceiling panel? 1

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