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Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project

The architectural design concept of Xuchang North Station is based on the design concept of "the ancient capital of Cao Wei and the water charm of Liancheng". The abstract and refined form of "lotus leaf floating waves" shows Xuchang's ancient cultural heritage and soaring ambition as a powerful city in the Central Plains.

The overall outline of the Xihua Station building is in the shape of the word "西", and the design theme is "Dance of Xihua". The design is graceful and dynamic, and the overall structure uses formwork on both sides to support the roof. This design concept is in harmony with the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Xihua area.

Xuchang Station

Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 1

Xihua Station

Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 2

Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

Xuchang North Station has opened a direct gateway to East China, connecting Xuchang with the richest regions in China. The opening of Xihua Station marks the end of the history of Xihua without railway access, and officially ushered in the era of high-speed rail," PRANCE It is an honor to contribute to China's high-speed rail station.

Project Schedule:December 2020
Project location:Henan
The products we offer for exterior interior/suspension systems: B-Plank Ceiling
Application Range:
All of this project Ceiling 
Services We Provide:
PDesign product drawings, installation configuration drawings and project party verification drawings for feasibility, product Material selection and production, product quality testing, construction follow-up and technical support...
Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 3

The Henan Metro project consists of two newly constructed subway stations: Xuchang Station and Xihua Station. PRANCE is required to provide multiple areas with B-Type Plank Ceilings, with the B-Plank Ceiling being used in nearly every space, including the waiting hall, ticketing hall, entrance hall, service hall, waiting area, and restrooms. The demand for B-Plank Ceiling is significant, and the quality requirements are exceptionally high.
For the aluminum ceiling needed for these two subway stations, PRANCE must meet stringent quality and craftsmanship standards. PRANCE is committed to showcasing its capabilities and will prepare explanations of relevant project cases, along with product testing reports.


For the newly constructed subway stations, Xichang Station and Xihua Station, the required B-Plank Ceiling, PRANCE's technical team actively maintains good communication with the client, proactively understanding the technical and process requirements of the project. We prepare various inspection reports for the products and possess a modern production facility covering 40,000 square meters along with an exceptional technical team. PRANCE is recognized as one of the "Top Ten Brands" in the Chinese ceiling industry, capable of meeting the requirements of various types of engineering projects.

Installation Drawings And Videos

Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 4

B Plank Ceiling ( With Carrier ) installation instructions :

1 . Measure the elevation of the B plank ceiling after installation according to the requirements of the design drawings , measure the horizontal line of theceiling and fix the corner at the horizontal line around the wall.

2 . Measure the construction direction . To make hoisting holes on the ceiling of the building structure at a distance of 1200mm , and fix the thread rod with expansion screw.

3 . Fix the carrier on the thread rod by direct hanging method and adjust the level . The carrier must be multilateral.

4 . install the B plank ceiling : buckle the B plank ceiling into the clamping position of the carrier in the same direction.

5 . The size of the edge should be measured according to the site conditions , and the ceiling should be placed on the L angle.

6 . Keep your hands clean during the installation process , and there should be no sweat , oil , etc.

Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 5

Product Details

PRANCE adheres to stringent management throughout the manufacturing process of every product, from cutting, polishing, test fitting, cleaning, spraying, quality inspection, all the way to packaging and transportation. This comprehensive and detailed control is aimed at achieving outstanding quality. Additionally, during the project execution, PRANCE's technical experts provide technical support to ensure that every step, from the conceptual drawings of the product to its actual installation, proceeds smoothly, minimizing any unforeseen events or oversights.

Packaging And Shipping Process:

Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 6Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 7Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 8Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 9

B-Plank Ceiling Installation Site:

Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 10Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 11Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 12Henan High-Speed Railway Station B-Plank Ceiling Project 13

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