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Prance wood-grain aluminum square tube ceiling is a decorative curtain-type ceiling. It contains linear shape that brings brightness and elegance; rich color that brings harmony and nature. Wood-grain Aluminum square tube ceiling installed at the appropriate visual angle through appropriate height, can produce curtain effect, creating a linear and open space. Prance wood grain aluminum through the use of thermal transfer technology or UV transfer technology, has replaced a lot of wood decorative materials in commercial areas. Because of its natural wood texture is vivid, it’s able to eliminate people’s fatigue, as if traveling into the nature .

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Prance wood-grain aluminum square tube ceiling has a dozen of advantages: natural appearance, elegant lines, long durance, flexibly assemble and dis-assemble, good ventilation performance, easy to install lighting effects and fire sprinkler, and etc. Although the production process of wood-grain aluminum square tube is more complex than the normal aluminum tubes, and the price is higher than normal ones, the diverse advantages of wood-grain aluminum square tube ceiling can not be stopped by anything to be one of the most popular ceiling products in the past few years in China.

Advantages of Prance wood grain aluminum square tube ceiling:

1. The base material is the new imported aluminum from German. The surface materials of each metal sheet are water-based materials and the original Eco-aluminum substrate.

2.Prance uses the molding machine with a super-gravity molding technology, which is simply a one-time molding method. As a result, long-term use of aluminum will not be deformed, and slats will not sink.

3.The use of the most advanced hardening-surface treatment technology, surface active agents and aluminum plates will be firmly integrated as one, scratch-resistant, solid surface.

4.Prance square tube ceiling possesses high corrosion resistance, high resistance to all kinds of fumes, resistance to humid environment, and anti-ultraviolet performance.

5.Prance square tube ceiling is non-toxic, tasteless, fire-resistant, anti-static, less attractive to dust, and easy to clean.

6.The production process of wood-grain aluminum square tube ceiling is low loss, low cost, and waste board can be recycled.

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