Glass partition, also known as glass wall partition. It contains the advantageous performance of wind pressure, thermal insulation, resistance to collision and so on. The quality of glass partition installation will directly affect the quality and the class in future outcome after the installation is completed. Therefore, the installation of glass partition system has a very high requirement. We emphasize that the glass partition is a system rather than a product. This system has a lot of interchanges; the system is people-oriented, it can be disassembled and assembled, hanging different components to satisfy the decoration design.

Let’s break down the detail procedures of installation of glass partition

1. According to customer layout requirements, draw lines on the wall and the ground to determine the position of side railsand ground rails, to ensure the level of vertical and horizontal (upper rail, bottom rail) vertical (side rail);

Move the side rail onto the line, drill holes into the wall through the hole on the groove of the rail. Then, hammer the expansion rubber stopper into the hole (Figure 1). (extended reading: how to installation the glass partition in a situation when the wall is not vertical , how to connect the partition profile with the in-ordinary wall.)

2. Position the side rail, use 5x40mm self-tapping screws to lock the side rail onto the wall. (figure 2)

3.Attach the side seals (first connect with the middle post) to the side rails, then reset the position of bottom rail, but first not connecting with the ground.

4.Slide the corner bead of side post into both sides of upper rail and bottom rail. Position the side cover (first connect with the middle post), and the bottom end of the side cover tightly place against the surface of bottom rail.

5.Use a spirit level to make sure side edge sealing, side rail, side cover vertical. Make sure the projection of upper rail and lower rail are horizontally overlapped. Use 5x40mm self-tapping screws to stabilize the upper rail and lower rail onto the ceiling and ground. The distance between self-tapping screws of upper rail, lower rail, and side rail is 300mm~400mm (figure 5).

6.Through corner beads, connect the upper rail and lower rail with the side edge sealing and side cover (figure 6)

7.Put the middle post into the grooves of upper and lower rails; slowly move it to the middle, until it’s vertically positioned. (figure 4)8.Move the big glass cover into the lower rail groove, left gap and right gap stuck in the middle post(Figure 8).

9.Put the module into the groove of lower rail (figure 9). Then put the beam and big glass cover. Buckle the horizontal and vertical pressure bar.

10.Second level, third and forth level stack up and install. (figure 10)

11.After the highest module is installed, buckle the top cover and top finishes.

12.Remove the horizontal short pressure bard, and hammer the long horizontal pressure bar into the middle post. (figure 12)

13.Remove the vertical short pressure bard, and hammer the long vertical pressure bar into the upper post. (figure 13)

14.Installation complete. (figure 14)