Winter Is Coming…

Prance aluminum-mineral wool composite insulated ceiling gives you a warm winter!

Aluminum mineral wool composite acoustic board is an energy-saving recycled building materials product. It’s created base on the global concept of low-carbon environmental protection and technology. It combines the advantages of aluminum panel and mineral wool board. Our aluminum-mineral wool composite board is made of aluminum-manganese alloy plate, mineral wool, and aluminum foil paper.

Advantages and performances of aluminum-mineral wool insulated board

1. Use high-quality 3003H24 aluminum alloy panel or 5052AH14 high-manganese alloy aluminum as the the main substrate. (Optional Material: galvanized steel / stainless steel)

Aluminum-mineral wool composite insulated ceiling plate is the latest energy-saving environmentally friendly building materials products, composited from polyester roller paint aluminum plate / powder coated aluminum plate, mineral wool board, and aluminum foil paper. It contains the advantages of aluminum ceiling plate and mineral wool board: fireproof, environmental protection, sound insulation, and waterproof.

2, High strength, Durability

Aluminum-mineral wool board fully combines the pressure resistance performance of mineral wool board and the high strength quality of aluminum plate. It strengthens the aluminum plate surface to makes it more resistant against force impact; At the same time, it strengthens the property of anti-subsidence, to protect the mineral wool board so that its service life is longer.

3. Sound-absorbing

Sound passes through the perforated aluminum panel, and absorbed by mineral wool board. Mineral wool board contains a large number of porous fibers. When sound goes through, the fiber transfers the vibration and friction sound energy into heat, greatly reducing the sound reflection and transmission, creating a more comfortable working and living environment.

4. Thermal Insulation

Aluminum-mineral wool board has a low thermal conductivity. In addition, the perforation of aluminum-mineral wool board will not form air convection, thus effectively maintain the indoor temperature.

5. Fireproof

Prance Aluminum wool mineral composite board passes GB8624-2006 standard test for the A2 level, can effectively delay the spread of fire.

Take a closer look: the side edge of this ceiling board is 30mm double-buckle. Using a such high side edge to make sure the aluminum flat panel is more flat! Take the board down and you will see inside the aluminum-mineral wool composite ceiling there is a 5mm thick mineral wool layer, for the high performance of thermal and sound insulation.