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Installation of Aluminum(honeycomb core) Wall Panel

Base on what we want, our technicians draw the CAD drawing of the wall facade. Then, we use the facade drawing to come up with the layout of wall keels. On the drawing, we need to confirm the size, the space between, and the fixed point of wall keel.


After confirming the ground level, draw horizontal lines on the wall by using a theodolite.



After drawing the horizontal line, according to the layout of the main wall keel, drill holes in the wall for the fixed points of wall keel. Then, use screws to fix the wall keels on the fixed point.



Main wall keel size: 50 * 40 * 1.5mm U-shaped. In order to ease the adjustment of flatness of the keel, do not tighten the screws too hard in the beginning.




Use screws and U-shaped connectors to connect the main keels together.

According to the space layout of wall keels, install A-keels

on the main keels with A-keel connector.






Once again use the theodolite, to ensure that all the keel are at the same level (to prevent the wall itself is not flat), and then tighten the screws.





After ensuring the wall keels are all flat, start installing the Aluminum honeycomb panel. Similar to the installation of Clip-in ceiling: the wall panel is buckled into the A-keel.

According to the needs of construction, cut the wall panel on the appropriate places.

When installing wall panels, gloves are recommended to protect the surface of the board.



Not standard wall panel (L-shape)