Corridor ceiling design is an indispensable and essential part in the decoration of office area , because the corridor plays a role of connecting each office area. Selecting a appropriate ceiling material can greatly improve the beauty of the corridor. At the same time, it increases the overall beauty of office. So how to design the perfect corridor ceiling layout?

Below is the solution of ceiling material in corridor area provided by Prance, after knowing the customer’s design needs, project budget and the actual situation. We can use ththe product combination of different products to achieve unexpected results.

Option 1

This office corridor uses gypsum board (also available for silicate calcium board) for ceiling material to decorate the corridor area, with warm colors from the LED downlight, so that the entire area becomes more bright and soft. Silicate calcium board is better than the gypsum board in functions like moisture-proof and fire resistance, but the price is also higher. As a result, you can according to your own needs and budget to choose one of the materials.

Option 2

In this office project, because the corridor is relatively long. In order to extend this extension, the owner chooses our wooden square tube. With the use of bright double lamps to make the whole corridor more beautiful, giving the entire office a more elegant feeling.