“Life is not only about the mess at our short sight , but also about poem and field at our long sight. ” This is the hotel design and built by Prance, and it will become one of the most artistic hotel building in the future. This hotel project will become extremely standout At the sandy and bleak Sahara Desert.


This hotel locates in the Adel City in Algeria. The style of the buildings in this city is simple but slight different from each other. The external facade of the building mainly follows the local style, but penetrates with some Chinese style, especially for the external parts. The style of both inside and outside in this whole building is used with observational panel with flower style.It is such a challenge to the Chinese traditional door and window processing. First, it can’t be bend into a shape straight at once, and the only way to build this into shape is to put multiple radius peach blossom together. Second, because the processing involves with multiple bending process, we have to assure the connections between parts are perfect, and also the accuracy of the sizes. These two struggles drive our clerk, and departments of technology and purchasing department and all other our members crazy because no one has done this before. However, the more work we need to work, the more responsibility we will take because we know who we are who love challenge and finish something others can’t. For the materials using in door and window, we will add Aluminum plate and Stone shape decorated line into regular aluminum section bar and glass which are not likely to be seem in the market. This is all brand new and challenge to us but we love it. How to organize the process and finish the process, how to give the product of door and window with life and art elements. The team of technology and other Prancers discuss about this task night by night and also continue to do examination about the material until the point that gets to perfect. Between the concept and reality, we keep testing and processing and eventually we will find a balance point which the building will be done in a perfect way.



In the end, what will come next is to wait for this oasis in the desert, the hotel project in Sahara Desert.