Why do the products need to be upgraded?

Let’s keep this question in our mind while reading our sharing for today.

According to the saying from Darwin’s theory of evolution: Natural selection, survival of the fittest.Everything in this world is changing second by second, and the only way to survive in this new world is to fit into the environment and upgrade ourselves. For this process, we named it evolution.

Let’s get to the business,today we are going to share our NEW 80 series high glass partition instead of the old kind.Someone might be confused about what we are talking about, is it the same kind of the product regardless of new or old? The answer to this is no. As what we mention earlier, survival of the fittest is the key term to survive nowadays in this complicated market.Therefore, with the idea of innovation, we decide to upgrade our product, which is the brand new upgraded 80 series high glass partition.

Let’s introduce the old kind we have, 80 series high glass partition. This product is composed by three parts,two buckle plates on each sides and one spring tee. As what can see the picture below,the installation of the old 80 series high glass partition is just like the installation of the toy model when we are kid.We have to spend some time to freak it out all the little parts in order to build them altogether. However, the upgraded 80 series high glass partition (the picture on the right) is a completely entirety. Obviously, the idea of this evolution comes from the old kind.The upgraded 80 series high glass partition brings safe and endurance into another new level. Beside the advancement of safety and endurance, the key improvement of the new product is on the installation. It becomes easier, faster and more convenient. According to some cases that happened before, some complained about the difficulty and complex of the installation of the old production, which force to require more time to install. However, as our new product, the upgraded 80 series high glass partition comes out to the market,we believe that our product will shorten the installation as well as lower the difficulty of installation.