Briefly talk about the issues of connection between parts of ceiling installation

Along with the development of economy, we have a higher request on the building decoration and its materials. Furthermore, the beauty of outlook is something we all want to achieve. We, Prance, have devoted to the building materials industry for twenty years. Beside providing customer with high-quality materials and service, more importantly, we want to provide a total solution and systematic service to the product installation of building materials.

As all we know, whether interior decoration or exterior decoration, never ever we can see a building or a project is composed only by one product. With the ideas and thoughts of designers, we want to accomplish the imagination into reality. Therefore, we need to combine different products with different function together in order to achieve a project artistic. However, putting all these different pieces together is not that easy for a building project. For example, the connection structure between the glass curtain wall from external wall and the metal ceiling, or connection issue between aluminum door and the wall picture, or the connection between the customized building style and the traditional way, or the connection between different type of ceiling and also on. As all these examples above listed, none of them can be solved by the traditional appliers who only provide the materials. We, prance, have overcome this issue that struggles almost every traditional applier. Based on the project need and requirement, we have the professional team to provide the design and develop of the product and also installation instruction combined into on stop solution. We have your back.