The different between glass partition and tradition partition.

The main application of Glass partition is Office. The advantage of glass partition is obvious because all the material using for glass partition is green, environment friendly and also longevity. For a long term to see, comparing with other types of partition, Glass partition is more competitive to pick and also has more advantages than those. Let’s get more deeper together and talk more about why glass partition is preference in the market nowadays.

1.The installation of Glass partition is much more easier and convenience than of other type partitions.

2.It’s easy to move door, window, glass, other accessories when we are reconstructing glass partition. The construction has low-rate at the damage on the product because of its convenience installation. Therefore, this provides customers with much lower fee for product moving and also shorten time to construct.

3.The glass partition can be used repeatable because it won’t bring negative influence to environment. It’s green, and environment friendly product that can stay at good condition for a long time period. Therefore, as we compare glass partition with other type of partition, we prefer glass partition because it’s more competitive and has longer time period to use.

4.The layout of cable can be easily functioned in the internal structure. No need to make a hole through the wall and also the protection of cable will become more convenience. The cable slot functions the shield of signal.

5. The door lock can be placed in the middle of glass partition, which becomes convenience when using.

6. The style of glass partition louver is beauty and fashionable. The high quality import louver can be installed inside the double glass and it won’t get dirty and has no need to wash.

7. Great sound insulation between space and space.

8. There are plenty of materials to choose such as double glass with louver and also color plate, gypsum board, fire-proof board and so on.

9. Multiple color to pick for the materials. Different material can be cooperated with different color, even customized color can also be done and applied to our costumer.

10. No effect on others when construction. Having low noise while construction is one of the most competitive advantages for glass partition. Especially, nowadays no one wants to be effected and influence by others nearby who construction. Glass partition does not have this problem which can prevent the noise happening.

11. Fire proof, the system of high glass partition is composed only by metal material and product like glass and color plate also has the function of fire-proof. The maximum time for glass partition to bear normally is around thirty minutes or sixty minutes, or even longer.

12. There has no pollution or rare smell so that it’s usable right after installation.

13. We leave a space for sealing strip inside the door structure because it can upgrade the level of sound insulation and seal-ability.

14. Glass partition looks fashion, high-class, simple and comfort.