Some tips for ceiling installation:

1,safety: ceiling decoration, normally we used suspended ceiling and making the right choice on materials is the first important thing to consider when ceiling decoration is needed, but also in strict accordance with the construction specifications, the installation must be correct, firm. Ceiling decorative materials should be non-combustible or flame retardant material, wood material is flammable, so do fire treatment. Ceiling which are generally done lighting, air conditioning and other electrical pipelines, should be strictly in accordance with the norms of operations, in order to avoid fire hazards.

2,the process: ceiling installatoin for home decoration, most of the decorative ceiling generally do not set the maintenance hole because it will impact the aesthetic outlook, if the ceiling of the pipeline equipment failure can not check what parts, what reasons, more can not be repaired. Therefore, for the laying of the pipeline ceiling or set the maintenance hole as well, can be selected in the relatively easy to check the site, and the repair hole for artistic treatment, such as lighting fixtures combined set.

3,Washability: clean and sanitary for ceiling decoration must be considered, especially in the kitchen, despite the installation of the range hood and exhaust fan, but still can not drain all the steam, easy to absorb moisture on the decorative panels or paint will be deformed And peeling. Therefore, the use of non-moisture absorption of the ceiling material, the general should use metal or plastic gusset, such as the use of other materials should be used to protect the ceiling, such as brush paint.

4,Aesthetic Apperance: colorful color glass, grinding glass ceiling is very unique in the home decoration applications are more and more, but if the material is not appropriate, it is prone to security incidents. For the safety of use, the ceiling and other parts that are susceptible to impact should be made of an enamel (specified tempered glass and laminated glass).

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