Architectural Tour— Cameroon

Cameroon, honestly, I wouldn’t know this countru even existed if I don’t search on internet. However, I was lucky to get a chance to be able to stay in Cameroon for a week. I feel pleasure because I had contributed my ability to the construction area for this country. Therefore, because of that, I feel little proud and need to thank my company giving me this chance—Prance, a company with strong business development and expansion.


The building materials products for the systems and the whole solution developed by Prance have given me power and courage to take a move to Cameroon. This project is a hotel project. More accurately, this is an innovation hotel project. The building and its structiures have over twenty years history. The customers want to keep the original stucture but renew the decoration from inside to outside, from whole to details. As all we know,renewing a project becomes harder when we don’t have the CAD Drawing and any data. Therefore, the only way to get the measurement is to be there personally. Measure the actual building size and draw out the picture so that it makes the worker easier to work on.


The project finishes perfect and smooth because having good cooperation between deparments. Customers have wonderful cooperation with us and we love to provide the best service to our customers. Prance one stop solution upgrades better and better, eventually heads to the top.

From the step to thousands miles, we believe that Prance attitude on service will make the prancer steps on all over the world.