What are the advantages of glass curtain wall

Modern high-rise building glass curtain wall used by the mirror glass and ordinary glass combination, compartment filled with dry air or inert gas hollow glass. Insulating glass has two layers and three layers of the two layers of insulating glass by two layers of glass sealing frame, forming a sandwich space; three glass is composed of three layers of glass composed of two sandwich space. Insulating glass with noise, heat insulation, anti-frost, moisture, wind pressure and other advantages. It was found that when the outdoor temperature was -10 ° C, the temperature at the front of the single-glazed window was -2 ° C, and the interior temperature of the three-layer insulating glass was 13 ° C.

Full glass curtain wall is made of glass ribs and glass panels made of glass curtain wall

1, all glass curtain wall panel glass thickness should not be less than 10mm; laminated glass monolithic thickness should not be less than 8mm; glass curtain wall section thickness of not less than 12mm, cross-section height should not be less than 100mm.

2, when the glass curtain wall more than 4m (glass thickness of 10,12mm), 5m (glass thickness of 15mm), 6m (glass thickness of 19mm), the whole glass curtain wall should be suspended in the main structure.

3, hanging the whole glass curtain wall of the main components should be sufficient stiffness, the use of steel truss or steel beam as a force component, the center line and the curtain wall center line consistent with each other, oval screw hole center line should be curtain wall boom bolt position Consistent.

4, hanging all-glass curtain wall between the hanging and the main structure should be set between the rigid horizontal force structure.

5, all steel structure welding is completed, should be concealed project acceptance, acceptance after passing in the anti-rust paint brushing.

6, all-glass curtain wall glass panel size is generally larger, should adopt mechanical suction plate installation.

7, all-glass curtain wall allows the scene to pay silicone sealant.

8, the whole glass surface shall not be in direct contact with other rigid materials. The clearance between the board and the trim or structural surface shall not be less than 8 mm and shall be sealed with a sealant.