Nine questions that are often asked on Aluminum Doors and Windows



1. What are aluminum alloy doors and Windows?

Aluminum alloy is a building material which is mainly aluminum alloy with some alloy elements to enhance strength and hardness.Aluminum alloy doors and Windows, it refers to the use of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, tin, fan materials made of doors and Windows called aluminum doors and Windows, or aluminum doors and Windows.

2. What is the bridge window?

The bridge alloy window is an improved model for improving the insulation performance of doors and Windows.Broken bridge type aluminium alloy window principle is to use PA66 nylon inside and outside two layer of aluminum alloy is separated and closely connected into a whole, the formation of three layers of air layer, the inner and outer conductor, both inside and outside color can be chosen optionally, beautiful, good performance, the formation of energy saving effect, is a kind of new type thermal insulation of aluminum.

3. What is the difference between the normal aluminum alloy profile and the aluminum alloy section?

Common aluminum profile inside and outside the same color, without air layer, heat transfer and heat dissipation;The three-layer air layer of the aluminum profile of the bridge is different from the inside and outside. The temperature difference is different and the color is diversified.

4. What is insulating glass?

Hollow glass is a kind of good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful and applicable, and can reduce the weight of new building materials building, it is to use two pieces of glass (or three), the use of high strength and high air tightness composite binder, the glass and containing desiccant bonding of aluminum alloy frame, insulation made of highly efficient heat insulation glass, the glass is not the same as the internal and external temperature difference.

5. What is safety glass?

Safety glass is a kind of glass that is violently shaken or impingement, even if it is broken.Doors and Windows for cars, planes and special buildings.The use of safety glass for buildings, which can withstand bullets or debris from a 100-kilometer per hour hurricane, is of particular importance to the modern architecture of glass structures.

6. What is hollow louver glass?

Hollow shutter Windows it is one of the traditional shade products, this product saves the use of space, and achieve shade, also have the function of heat preservation and the noise, at the same time to the buildings and indoor to new vision.

7. What is a LOWE’s glass?

Low-e glass, also known as low-radiation glass, is a membrane product made of layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass.Has high to visible light through the coating layer and the high cosco infrared reflection characteristics, make its compared with ordinary glass and traditional building coating glass, excellent heat insulation effect and good pervious to light quality.

8. What is the heat transfer coefficient?

The heat transfer coefficient is the speed at which the internal temperature is transmitted outward through time during the detection, and the heat transfer value is obtained through time and temperature.Generally speaking, ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows heat transfer coefficient is about 3.5-5.0;The heat transfer coefficient of the doors and Windows of the bridge is about 2.5-3.0.The heat transfer coefficient of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows of the system is about 2.0-2.5.

9. What are the common doors and Windows in China?

Sliding door window: it is the door and window that has one of two to push pull pull.

Open doors and Windows: it is open inside.

Upper hanging window: the inner fan is opened up.

Fixed doors and Windows: doors and Windows that cannot be opened.