Curtain walls also need sun louver?



The appearance of the glass curtain wall is beautiful and the overall feeling is strong. The glass body is decorated with glass curtain wall. Because of the large area of glass and metal structure, the glass surface heat transfer is strong and the thermal transmittance is high. influences. In the hot summer months, the sun broke through the glass into the room, is the main cause of indoor temperature overheating.

If you set the shade system on the glass curtain wall, you can minimize the direct sunlight exposure, so as to avoid indoor overheating, hot areas of buildings is one of the main measures of heat. Set the shade, there will be the following effects and effects:

First, the role of sun exposure to solar radiation. In general, the shading coefficient is controlled by the material itself and the environment. Shade to block the effect of solar radiation is quite large, glass curtain wall construction shade measures is the effect is obvious.

Second, the sun on the indoor temperature effect. Shade to prevent the indoor temperature rise has a significant effect, there is shade, the room temperature amplitude is smaller, the maximum temperature at room temperature delay, indoor temperature field uniform. Therefore, the sun on the air-conditioned room can reduce the cold load, so the air-conditioning construction, the shade is one of the main measures to save electricity.

Third, the role of shade on lighting. From the natural lighting point of view, shading measures will block the direct sunlight, to prevent glare, so that the indoor illumination distribution is more uniform, contribute to the normal visual work. For the surrounding environment, the sun can disperse the glass curtain wall of the glass (especially coated glass) reflected light, to avoid a large area of glass reflective light pollution.

Fourth, the role of shade on the appearance of the building. The outer shade system as an active facade element, to be used, even called double-sided facade form. The first floor is the facade of the building itself and the other is the facade of the dynamic shade. This kind of “dynamic” image of the building is not because of the architectural facade of the fashion needs, but the modern technology to solve the human energy conservation and enjoy the natural needs of a new modern architectural form.