How to choose an office Glass Partition ?

1, Rock Wool: in the office of high-cut wall two-layer solid panel to be filled with fireproof rock wool board or similar partition material.

2, Venetian blind: in the office glass high partition wall of the two layers of security glass inside can choose to install the built-in horizontal metal blinds, so that the wall can also have both open and private dual function. Usually use high-quality metal curtains can be delayed to reduce the degree of deformation, to extend the overall service life.

3, door with hardware: wooden hinge, glass door hinge, wooden door locks, glass lock and glass to spring and other high-quality doors with hardware.

4, the door: a solid core wood doors, frameless glass doors, glass doors and so on.

5, the screen glass: the office is also a high spacing material, three-dimensional sense of strong, and can be used for decoration, the market recently there are many new glass partition, for the production of a variety of partitions, for the production of cut off the function of the glass There are generally the following varieties:

A, painted glass: This is a lot of today’s decoration design used a decorative glass. Stained glass color transparent, characters vivid and bright, rich patterns of bright patterns, but the hard cut function is not strong, emphasis on decorative. Production: first with a special plastic to draw a variety of patterns, and then use the lead oil to describe the separation line, and finally with a special colloidal pigment on the pattern coloring.

B, sandblasting glass: the surface of the glass surface caused by the erosion effect, the formation of translucent matte effect, with a hazy beauty, good light transmission, in the visual space can increase the sense of spaciousness. Used to express the definition of the area but not closed each other, such as conference rooms, manager room.

C, polished glass: a three-dimensional sense of strong, realistic image, good condenser and other advantages, you can brushwork, freehand painting, writing, flowers, birds, insects, fish, people, scenery and so on, with the nation Characteristics, in addition to as a partition, you can also make living room curtain wall, ceiling, doors and windows and so on.

D, carved glass: generally divided into artificial and computer carving. Artificial sculpture is the use of skilled knife depth and turning with the show, showing the texture of the glass.

E, as the floating glass: its own pattern of color with the observer’s perspective changes and flutter, and the pattern lines clear and smooth, so that the office space to add a mysterious dynamic.

F, crystal glass: hard texture, shiny bright, under the shining of colored light, even more colorful, resplendent. More for the living room and table space decoration, and not as a substantive cut off.

G, mosaic glass: a more casual glass, you can put the color of the glass, matte hazy glass, clear and clear any combination of glass, and then to separate the metal wire, abstract and rich with the creative.