Airport, hotel, supermarket which be suitable what thickness of aluminum ceiling?

The specifications of Aluminum Ceiling are many, aluminum plate width, thickness, folding height is also a diversified. Selection should be based on space, color, environmental factors to choose the characteristics. Aluminum buckle board is divided into two kinds of punch and flat surface. Surface punching can breathe sound absorption, buckle plate inside a layer of thin film cushion, moisture can be absorbed through the punching film, so it is most suitable for moisture more wet places to use.

Aluminum buckle board is good or bad is thin, the key lies in the texture of aluminum, aluminum alloy plate with general aluminum plate with 0.8 mm, or even thicker, why? Because some of the works with a very long buckle, in order to prevent deformation, so use thicker, hardness of some, on the contrary, home improvement with aluminum slab plate, rarely more than 4 meters, and aluminum buckle on the ceiling no heavy So, 0.6 mm is enough to use.