You should know the tool metal ceiling products.

Tool metal ceiling in the tooling, such as some parking lot or shopping mall subway station through the ceiling will be the top of some of the wires, all kinds of pipe angle iron cover, and the use of metal modeling and the overall architectural style of organic combination, good design can be In the entire interior effect play the role of finishing touch. Tool metal ceiling is more commonly used what? The following Baers building materials Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction.

1,aluminum ceiling (aluminum Panel)

Aluminum ceiling ceiling structure is tight, waterproof and strong: the installation of the structure for the wind-style special keel buckle structure, the fight is very strong, no gap, waterproof strong; high keel, wind strong: high keel has a fixed modulus Of the card teeth, metal ceilings for the wind resistance of each tooth are designed next to the wind card code, suitable for outdoor decoration, high security, can be suitable for outdoor devices and flexible assembly use for designers to provide a broader concept of space. More commonly used: office, conference rooms, factories, hotels, schools and other places ceiling decoration.

2,Open cell ceilings

Grille ceiling combination of flexible: aluminum grille and aluminum frame combination, after installation, more unique design, modeling novel features, grille ceiling and the top of the bones to enhance the integrity of the bones of the firmness, the main bone and vice Bone can be pruned in the field to meet the requirements of different venues, pruned bone can still be used in conjunction with each other, the main bone and vice bone port structure elegant, so that the seamless connection of the bones. More commonly used: shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, restaurants and other ceiling decoration

3,aluminum tube ceiling

Aluminum is used to conceal a large number of crowded public places, easy to air circulation, exhaust, heat at the same time, can make the light distribution evenly, so that the entire space bright and spacious. Aluminum is widely used in: subway, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, access, leisure venues, public toilets, building facades and other open places. Aluminum is a kind of open-type long hanging plate, is composed of aluminum by the distance between the composition. Using a long plate hanging in the keel installation test, in the visual level hidden keel system. Aluminum vertical ceiling vertical coherent thick, simple and elegant appearance with the times style. Commonly used in: airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, corridors and other places ceiling decoration

4,aluminum blade ceiling

Aluminum hanging film has an open field of vision, making people extremely open mind, ventilation, breathable, clear lines, structured. Aluminum hanging film installation effect is simple, clear, is the style of modern art. Aluminum lattice color diversity, wood is now the most popular colors, but also a high degree of imitation of the natural flavor of the color, so that people can feel the work of life in the exhaustion of nature. Commonly used in: airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, corridors and other places ceiling decoration

5,aluminum hook ceiling

Hooked plate density: aluminum ceilings metal ceilings installation structure, simple and stable, the ceiling hidden, the upper 38 main bone and the lower triangle keel with a solid structure of the combination of wells, easy installation and removal, The board is very smooth, the board and the analysis between the stitching is through the keel in order to fold together, the board side of the unique hook design, can be a very good control board and board between the activities to ensure that the board and The gap between the plates is closer and flat. Commonly used in: hotels, exhibition halls, conference halls, airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, corridors and other places ceiling decoration

Tool metal ceiling product performance characteristics:

1,excellent board coating performance. General high-quality aluminum plate is used in high-quality paint, imported high-speed automatic coating line coating, flat surface, no color, coating adhesion, acid, alkali, salt spray erosion, long time does not change color , Paint does not fall off, the service life of more than 20 years, and easy maintenance, just rinse with water will be clean as new.

2,a strong compound fastness. High-quality aluminum plate by the high-polymer and polymer materials by hot and pressure compound, after 2 hours of boiling water test and no bond layer damage phenomenon.

3,light weight, high strength. The average plate is generally about 8.5 kg, in the case of the same stiffness, the weight is lighter than other materials.

4,sound insulation, shock. The vibration attenuation coefficient is six times that of pure aluminum, air insulation is better than other plates, and thermal conductivity is small, is the ideal sound insulation, insulation, shockproof building materials.

5,safe non-toxic, fire. The core of the metal ceiling product is made of non-toxic polyethylene, its surface is non-combustible aluminum plate, the surface combustion characteristics comply with the building regulations of the fire resistance requirements.

6,rich colors, wide selection of wide Color, the user can according to their own furniture color and floor color with a random combination.

7, excellent processing performance. Can be cut, saw, milling, punching, pressure, folding, bending and other processing molding, can accurately complete the design requirements.