Throughout the overall building materials market, has long been the traditional wooden home “rule.” Although people usually contact the home products are made of man-made sheet, but still can not escape the scope of wood products. Today, with the popularity of environmental awareness and technological progress, all walks of life are gradually to the “green” transformation. Aluminum and other environmentally friendly profiles began by manufacturers and consumers of all ages. As a result, aluminum doors and windows, cabinets and other products have also take the potential against the attack.

What is aluminum doors and windows, I am afraid that some people are not very understanding. Aluminum alloy is a kind of light weight, high strength, good conductivity thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance, green and new materials, with excellent mechanical properties and processing performance. At present, the aluminum alloy profiles in the field of interior decoration the most widely used for aluminum doors and windows, cabinets, curtain walls and so on.

What are the advantages of aluminum doors and windows?

The popularity of new materials is bound to have a different absolute advantage in order to market or consumer recognition, then what is the aluminum doors and windows worthy of our respected? Speaking of which, we have to talk about the traditional home of the ills. As we all know, the traditional wood-based home more or less have formaldehyde release problems, but also because of space, climate change caused by instability. In contrast, the characteristics of aluminum doors and windows to make people excited.

Material Green: Aluminum is the most readily available and reusable material on Earth, and its production and manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment and do not cause any damage to human health. All aluminum home has zero armor, no benzene, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, recyclable, etc., absolutely green.

Moisture-proof, fire, corrosion, insulation: aluminum alloy home with good moisture resistance, the home surface through the coating or film processing, even if the long-term in a humid environment is not easy to deformation, rot, breeding bacteria, greatly extended the life of the home, Increased use of the scope. The kind of home also has fire, anti-corrosion performance. As the aluminum profile of the structural characteristics, so its sound insulation, good insulation properties.

Easy to industrial production: aluminum alloy with high strength, good plasticity, easy surface processing, casting and welding processing performance for the aluminum alloy home furnishing industrial production provides a strong guarantee. With the continuous improvement of production technology, aluminum alloy home design, greatly simplifying the home production process, shorten the production cycle. Aluminum alloy home design using modular thinking, manufacturing standard universal household components, and then through the combination of finished parts into the finished product, easy to install, save time and labor, and can be repeated disassembly and migration. Not only that, aluminum doors and windows at the same time also has pest control, impact resistance, no smell, no deformation, easy to clean, sealing strong, super durable and so on. Moreover, the aluminum alloy profiles are mostly hollow structure, light weight, the material than the same volume of brick light 70 times, only one-third of the weight of stainless steel.

At present, when the traditional home industry because of environmental remediation and very headache moment, a variety of tangible and intangible costs to form a high pressure situation, price pressure is difficult to eradicate. Aluminum doors and windows, the emergence of cabinets, a traditional home industry is difficult to underestimate the opponent, after all, play a price war, who can win it? In the long run, with the continuous lack of forest resources, people on the green sustainable Life attention to improve, aluminum profiles with its light weight, high strength, good processing performance, recyclable characteristics, will be widely used in home production.

Building materials market is like a boiling ocean, never stopped the innovation and the story of the interpretation of the inverse. Today, aluminum alloy doors and windows and other building materials products are being a new force by the manufacturers attention, the future, or in the building materials market to play a more important role.