Aluminum ceiling is widely used in the field of engineering decoration because of its light material, structural stability, changeable shape and other advantages, especially in public buildings, there are many aluminum ceilings made of aluminum alloy.

The material of aluminum alloy is soft and easy to process. Different architectural features create a unique style, which has a distinct advantage over traditional plasterboard ceiling technology.

The same is the ceiling of the aluminum buckle ceiling. What are the ways of patching?

1. Aluminum ceiling groove shape: This is a reverse thinking method, the patchwork widened, made into a groove, but also increase the three-dimensional, this structure has also been widely adopted.

2. Aluminum ceiling filler joints: some of the installation case will imitate the outer wall panels after the joints fill material, that is, the method of playing silicone to deal with patchwork.

3. Aluminum ceiling from the air spelling method: There are some airport hall ceiling panels, each board is not connected, but the natural air, this is a unique style, get rid of the pain of patchwork .

4. Aluminum ceiling overlapping cross method: a single plane of the ceiling is more common, you can try multi-faceted combination, the two plates overlap and overlap to form two planes, patchwork seams become laminated.

5. Aluminum ceiling mosaic ribbon: In order to create a unique style, it was found that the mosaic of another size or color between the panels, you can cover up the conflicts between seams, but also lively plane.

6. Aluminum chamfer chamfered secret fight: It was found in the corner of the bend on the production of a 45 ° chamfer, so that in the puzzle, the upper part of the gap is close, the lower part is empty, the plane is slightly There is no obvious difference between high and low.

7. Aluminum ceiling straight seam tight fight: After each plate is bent, with the keel clamped side, close together, each plate corner seams diagonal seams, forming an assembly line, after installation to form a flat ceiling.

PRANCE ceiling aluminum buckle plate is treated with a special process, antistatic, non-stick dust. Each product can create different decorative effects to meet the needs of a variety of tooling locations. The aluminum seams have a variety of seams, and the final ceiling shape is also wonderful.