< Product description >

PRANCE “S” type strip aluminum is an outdoor ceiling aluminum ceiling designed for China Petroleum, Sinopec gas stations, toll stations, customs and other outdoor ceilings. It is also called “gas station ceiling aluminum buckle.” The board “,” toll station ceiling aluminum strip buckle board” is widely used in gas stations, toll stations, checkpoints, and in the Northwest, Xinjiang, Hainan, Shanganning, Gansu and Ningxia and other windy areas of indoor and outdoor ceiling decoration. S aluminum strip buckle board adopts high-side design and special “fishbone” type keel, which can firmly clamp the main buckle board in up, down, left and right directions. It can effectively resist the wind below level 10 (thickness special installation processing buckle board can resist 12 Above the wind.

The company has introduced various types of gas stations, such as 300 wide windproof aluminum buckles, gas station high-side buckles, gas station high-side windproof buckles, gas station high-side aluminum buckles, and other products. Products are widely used in various oil stations across the country. Canopy building decoration ceiling project, throughout most of the country’s provinces and autonomous regions. The special strips for the production of gas stations in the production of B&S aluminum buckles are also applicable to various buildings: hotels, shops, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, corridors, conference rooms, etc.

< Product advantages >

  1. The overall appearance of the high-rising wind-stripe aluminum buckle is smooth. The board is made of special aluminum. The height of the board is 30mm. The entire board looks thick and flat, with two specifications of high-depth right-angle and high-depth bevel.
  2. The structure of the high-rising weather strip type aluminum buckle plate is tight, and the installation structure is a windproof type special keel buckle type structure, which has strong spelling and strong water resistance;
  3. The high-rising wind strip type aluminum buckle plate installation system uses high-strength keel, strong wind resistance, and a fixed modulus of the card teeth on the deep keel. The windproof card is designed with a windproof card code for each card tooth, suitable for outdoor decoration. High security.

 < Product parameters >

Common width: 300mm

Common thickness: 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm

Surface coating: general powder electrostatic spraying or polyester paint spraying, roller coating, can also be used brushed surface treatment

Color: Regular white, any other color can be modulated

Installation: General gussets are equipped with special keel, keel is galvanized steel sheet and paint steel plate, the standard length is 3000mm

Gas station windproof aluminum strip buckle finished product protection:

  1. When installing the light steel skeleton and cover panel, care should be taken to protect various pipelines in the ceiling. The booms and keels of light steel skeletons must not be fixed on ventilation ducts and other equipment parts.
  2. Light steel skeletons, cover panels and other ceiling materials should be strictly managed during transportation, approach, storage, and use, so as not to be deformed, exposed to moisture, or rusted.
  3. The doors, windows and windows that have already been installed in the project, the floors that have already been completed, the walls, the windowsills, etc., should be protected and prevented from being defaced during the construction of the ceiling.
  4. The skeleton of light steel shall not be stomped on; the hanging pieces of other types of work shall not be hung on the skeleton of light steel.
  5. In order to protect the finished product, the cover panel must be installed in the pipe in the ceiling to test the water, test pressure, all the insulation process after the acceptance of all qualified.