The aluminum sheet is represented by a variety of sheet metal patterns, and it is beyond doubt that the visual expression is outstanding. Among them, the most sound-absorbing and noise-reducing products in aluminum buckle products are punched aluminum buckles.

Advantages of perforated aluminum ceiling:

The perforated aluminum ceiling gusset plate has good flame retardant and sound insulation effects. The sound-absorbing cotton is better adhered to the back of the plate, and the aluminum alloy gusset plate has better texture and decorative feeling than the traditional ceiling material.

  1. High sheet strength, light weight per unit area
  2. Uniform color, smooth and scratch resistant
  3. Absorbing and sound-absorbing effect is better, it can prevent moisture, prevent mildew, fire prevention
  4. Colorful colors, elegant decorative effect atmosphere
  5. Easy to install, simple construction, each board can be disassembled and replaced
  6. can be customized in terms of size, surface treatment and color
  7. Durable, absolutely energy-saving and environmentally friendly

PRANCE perforated aluminum pinch products adopt advanced CNC machine tool perforation technology to drill holes of various sizes on the surface of the aluminum plate, punching patterns and satisfying customers’ personalized decoration requirements.

The reflection of the perforated aluminum ceiling sound is small. When sound waves are incident on the surface of the porous material, they cause air vibrations in the micropores. Due to the frictional resistance, the viscous resistance of the air, and the heat conduction, a considerable part of the sound energy is converted into heat energy, thereby playing a role in sound absorption.

The product sheet metal processing technology excellence, to promote the indoor space style changeable and full of visual beauty, the most important is the sound absorption and noise reduction, suitable for office ceiling, opera hall, large conference room, casino and many other Kinds of places.