With the continuous development of production technology, many new types of exquisite decoration materials appear in the eyes of consumers. Imitation wood grain aluminum plates with good decorative effects are such a good product for consumers to admire.

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate – Features

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate adopts high-quality high-strength alloy aluminum plate and is coated with international advanced new pattern decoration materials. The pattern is high-grade and gorgeous, with realistic color and texture, and the pattern is firm and wear-resistant. It does not contain formaldehyde, non-toxic, no harmful gas release, and is a high-grade building. Decorative material.

Wood grain color highlights the concept of green life, reflects a high-end luxury architectural style, ease the stress of urban people in their spare time, leaving people feeling of being in nature.

Imitation wood color actually does not mean a color, but refers to a category of colors. It is mainly based on the customer’s actual needs of different customization, supplemented by other collocations, such as the use of different colors of light or perforation processing, etc., will create a different style of decoration, or enhance the sound-absorbing effect.

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate – structure

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy sheet and is shaped by CNC bending and other techniques. The ribs are connected with the welding screws behind the board surface, and then the uniform background coating is applied. The oven is dried, coated with imported high-quality wood grain paper, baked and baked, and the products are taken out of the oven to get paper.

Bright color, vivid lines, not only can replace wood decorative materials, more fire-resistant features, durable and will not be worms. Quality assurance, durability, simple installation and maintenance, saving construction costs.

Imitation wood grain aluminium plate – uses

  1. Building Exterior, Outdoor Canopy
  2. Interior curtain wall, ceiling decoration
  3. Coffee shop, senior business club
  4. Plaza, stadiums, museums, libraries
  5. Conference hall, opera house, etc.

Imitation wood grain aluminum plates are used in public places and building facades to beautify our city and life. But precisely because of the characteristics of the use of places, making the quality of imitation wood grain aluminum plate in the construction process has strict requirements, choose PRANCE building materials aluminum panel, the quality of the product on the first place, to ensure the beauty and safety of the building .