A comfortable and stylish indoor environment requires the coordination and combination of the modeling, color, and material self-inductance of the interior objects to form a harmonious whole.

The features of modern office are all in the pursuit of simple style. Aluminum clasp is a relatively common ceiling material and is used more frequently. It has characteristics of fire prevention, moisture proof, antisepsis, antistatic, sound absorption, sound insulation, beauty, durability, etc. The division of the square, its appearance is divided into planes and punching and other forms.

  • Reason one: Choose lightweight, high-strength products to reduce the weight of ceiling materials that the building will bear.

The materials used in the PRANCE office ceiling project are high-quality aluminum products. When combined with light steel keel, the ceiling is suspended and the pressure on the wall surface is reduced. The lightweight properties not only help reduce the difficulty of ceiling installation, but also save material transportation costs.

  • Reason two: Choose green ceiling materials, safe and reliable

Indoor ceiling decoration in addition to the requirements of stylish appearance, more is the need for ceiling materials, green and durable, will not appear because of the air deformation and yellowing phenomenon, but also because the weather is too dry and hot and flammable. Compared with gypsum board, aluminum buckle ceiling products are not brittle, resistant to deformation and have a longer service life.

  • Reason 3: Choose ceiling products that are easy to install and maintain

In the aluminum buckle plate ceiling system, each plate can be disassembled and assembled independently, combined with the light steel keel, and the installation steps are relatively simple. In addition to being easy to install, it also requires easy maintenance and can be reconfigured with different styles of buckles according to the changing style of decoration in the future.

The office is an important space for daily work. The decoration of the ceiling can not be ignored. It should not only reflect the company’s corporate culture intuitively, but also be suitable for a modern and comfortable office environment. PRANCE specializes in ceilings for all customers to consider, to meet the needs of a variety of different venues!