The glass partition is widely used in various fields. It not only light, sound insulation effect, but also environmentally friendly, easy to install, then install the glass partition how to check it? Here are some tips to share.

1. Look at the appearance. Because the glass partition is transparent and free of impurities, it can be directly viewed from the outside to see if its installation quality is good or bad.

2. Look at the area. It is understood that the installation of glass partitions, if the single glass area is too large, then there is a great safety risk, generally considered unqualified. Glass must be tempered. Tempered glass has the advantages of resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, impact, etc. Therefore, it is safer, firmer, and more durable. Moreover, the damage to human body caused by glass shattering is much smaller than that of ordinary glass.

3. Look at the thickness. According to its use and choose the appropriate thickness in the acceptance glass partition, we must pay attention to the thickness of the glass, single-layer glass partition, the thickness of the horizontal direction is preferably not less than 8 mm; double glass partition, generally used double 5 mm thick tempered glass, double 6 mm tempered glass is also available.

Look at the frame. This is also very important when checking glass partitions. See if the frame matches the shape of the glass partition. The general frame is one to two millimeters larger than the size of the glass partition so that the glass can be easily routed into the frame.

There are three types of materials: single-layer, double-layer and art glass. Everything is done according to customer’s needs. PRANCE provides high-quality glass partitions, good lighting, good sound insulation, good fire protection, environmental protection, easy installation and reusable glass.