As a kind of practical decorative products, doors and windows are the building’s unit, which finally reflects the characteristics of the building. Although different buildings have different requirements for the design of doors and windows, and the style of doors and windows is ever changing, it is still possible to find out the common advantages of aluminum doors and windows.

1. Strong plasticity

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are metal materials, light weight and high strength, aluminum alloy doors and windows of different specifications can be produced according to the needs of the project site, which can meet all kinds of novel indoor scene design.

2. Good airtightness

The hermeticity of doors and windows directly affects the use of functions and energy consumption. Sealing performance includes watertightness, airtightness, heat insulation, sound insulation and other four aspects.

3. Long service life

Due to its light weight, high density, precision and precision in processing and assembly, aluminum alloy doors and windows are lightweight, flexible, no-noise, easy to use and maintain, corrosion-resistant, non-deformable, and have strong fire resistance and long service life.

4. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

Aluminum alloy doors and windows use new manufacturing materials to form a partition space between the inside and outside of the profile, so that aluminum alloy doors and windows have a good thermal insulation and sound insulation.

5. Adapt to various climates

Corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, free from air pollution, acid rain, ozone attack, UV resistance, long-term retention of inherent color and luster.

6. Elegant decorative effect

The paint finish uses a powder coating process and a woodgrain thermal transfer film. Powder coating is a high-grade spray process, with excellent resistance to fading, anti-blooming, anti-oxygen pollution, acid rain and other aggressive, anti-ultraviolet ability, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Wood grain heat transfer film technology, originated from Italy, using thermal transfer technology, the wood grain is transferred to the surface of the metal plate, the real wood grain is formed on the surface of the product, the substrate is not glued, the plate does not need to pass after the transfer Any processing.Aluminum alloy doors and windows for a variety of occasions, such as offices, shopping malls, hotels and so on. PRANCE can customize all kinds of aluminum doors and windows for customers to meet the needs of various projects. PRANCE can not only provide interior doors and windows, but also can provide aluminum ceilings, glass partitions, curtain walls and other series of products, welcome to send Email to inquire (email: [email protected]).