Aluminum grid ceiling is an open ceiling, simple and clear. The lines are neat and tidy and clearly structured, reflecting a simple and clear modern style. The installation and disassembly are simple and convenient. They have become the main products that have become popular in the decoration market in recent years. Aluminum grid ceiling can be mainly divided into grooved grid ceiling and flat grid ceiling.

The aluminum grid ceiling is made up of vertically and horizontally stacked main and auxiliary U channels, and can be used freely with lamps to make the entire mall space more personalized. The main characteristics of the grid ceiling are ventilation, which makes the entire store space free of air and smooth, ensuring that the indoor air is fresh and smooth, reducing the sense of indoor oppression. The lighting, air conditioning and fire protection systems can be placed inside the ceiling and the overall appearance is beautiful.

The aluminum grid ceiling also has sound-absorbing effect. Because of the special structure of the grid ceiling, the sound source can be cut into segments to achieve the effect of slowing the resonance of the echo, which is especially suitable for large spaces with noisy people and is an excellent sound-absorbing material.

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The scope of application of grid ceiling: Widely used in subway stations, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure venues and other open places.

The installation of grid ceiling is a time-consuming and labor-intensive large-scale construction project. Although this project is not complicated as a whole, due to the large area of the design and the occasions in which it is used, it is also a crowd-intensive public occasion. Installation precautions and regulatory guidelines to ensure the safe use of grid ceiling.