PRANCE Lay In Ceilings itself has a very three-dimensional sense of line. Each panel can be dismantled separately. The Lay In Ceilings are also divided into two kinds: Beveled angle and L angle.

Beveled angle Lay In Ceilings will have a strong sense of streak. In the visual effect, each board has an independent small frame, showing European and American styles; the L angle Lay In Ceilings has no sense of layering, between the Ceiling panel,the lines are clear and the effect of the installation is clear and straight between the boards and the boards.


1.Good touch, smooth and wear-resistant board

2.Anti-moisture smoke, easy to clean

3.Health, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, durable

4.cost-effective price moderate, a variety of styles to provide a choice

Installation: The installation of Aluminum Lay In Ceilings is able to see the keel.

Application: airports, gas stations, conference rooms, libraries, stadiums, stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, offices and other types of places are applicable.

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