At present, the construction market offers a wide variety of building materials, and the quality of the products varies. Accurate measurement and calculation of data is the basis for ensuring the quality of the curtain wall. Strict review methods must be used before construction to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Before installing the aluminum veneer curtain wall, first confirm the variety, quality, color, pattern and line of the incoming aluminum veneer.

Aluminum veneer curtain wall installation process sequence:

Attachment of the fixed line skeleton → Fixed skeleton → Installation of aluminum plate → Closing structure treatment → Inspection


  1. Choose the appropriate aluminum single block fixing method.The method of fixing the aluminum veneer plays an important role in the flatness of the aluminum veneer. Inconsistent forces at each fixed point of the aluminum facing block will cause deformation of the surface material to affect the exterior decoration. Therefore, the fixing method of the aluminum veneer must adopt a fixing method of distance compaction to ensure the flatness of the appearance of the curtain wall.
  1. Choose a suitable waterproof sealing method. Structure waterproof, external waterproof, plastic seal, different sealing methods are not the same price, choose the appropriate sealing method for the project, protect the function and appearance of the aluminum veneer curtain wall.
  2. Strengthen the pressure resistance of aluminum curtain wall system

It is necessary to carry out scientific and mechanical calculations for each major part of the aluminum veneer curtain wall system, taking into account the effects of wind pressure, weight, earthquake and temperature on the aluminum veneer curtain wall system. The impact on the aluminum alloy veneer curtain wall system, such as embedded parts, connection systems, keel systems, and fasteners, is carefully checked to ensure the safety of the aluminum veneer curtain wall.

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