The aluminum U- square tube ceiling is an open aluminum ceiling. The maximum benefit of the open ceiling is to facilitate the convection and exchange of indoor and outdoor air. The commonly used colors of the U- square tube ceiling are: black,white,brown,wood grain,etc, according to the needs of the venue to choose the color to decorate. The texture of the wood grain is realistic and beautiful, and the space for installing the wood grain aluminum square ceiling allows people to feel in the nature and relax.

Seven steps to make a wood grain U- square tube ceiling:

  1. Order raw materials: mainly use high quality aluminum materials.
  2. Molding: mainly rolling or manual bending.
  3. Spray color: This process, check whether the product is damaged → repair → wash off the oil and surface impurities → dry → spray electrostatic powder → through the high temperature furnace → get the wood grain background.
  4. Stickers: Accurate stickers, can not leave bubbles, to ensure that the grain paper has no impurities, the surface is flat.
  5. Over-temperature furnace: The temperature of the aluminum ceiling is too high, the color will become darker, the temperature will be low, and the color will be shallow. Therefore, the temperature of the high-temperature furnace is strictly controlled to produce high-quality products that meet customer needs.
  6. The product tears the paper.
  7. Product packaging.

Applications: Large shopping malls, hotels, commercial buildings, bars, restaurants and many other occasions.

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