The partitions allow for a clearer boundary between the interior spaces. There are many types and materials for partitions. In reality, glass partitions are used. When choosing a glass partition, the thickness of the glass is important. The following describes the thickness of the glass partition and the precautions for selecting the glass partition. The article is for reference only and the actual situation is determined by the project.

First, glass partition thickness reference introduction

  1. The glass partition with a thickness of 3-4mm is mainly used for the surface of the frame.
  2. Glass partition with thickness of 5-6mm, mainly used for small-area light-transparent shapes such as exterior wall windows and door fans.
  3. The glass partition with a thickness of 7-9mm is mainly used for objects with large area such as indoor screen and frame protection.
  4. The thickness of 9-10mm glass partition, can be used for indoor large-area partitions, high partitions, railings and other renovation projects.
  5. The glass partition wall uses tempered glass, mainly for safety reasons, the thickness of the glass is also different, the single-layer glass uses 8-12mm tempered glass. Double glazed walls are available in 5mm and 6mm. Double glazed partitions can be combined with panel partitions.

Second, the glass partition thickness reference introduction

  1. Color tone selection: The color of the glass should be consistent with the overall style of the renovation project. Most of the glass partitions are glass with strong decorative effect, and the glass partition with color can create various artistic effects.
  2. Glass partition area: The area of a single piece of glass should not be too large. When the area of a single piece of glass is too large, there is a relatively large safety hazard. Therefore, the glass should be split into small pieces as much as possible without affecting the overall effect, or the proportion of the protective frame should be appropriately increased to improve the safety of the glass partition.

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