Development trend of outdoor building curtain wall

First, the choice of lightweight materials

From bulky building materials (such as stone curtain walls) to lighter panels and structures (such as aluminum veneer curtain walls, glass curtain walls, etc.)

Second, the variety of styles

The choice of a variety of curtain wall materials provides a variety of structures and rich colors for the exterior structure of the curtain wall, from a closed curtain wall to an open curtain wall.

Third, higher security performance

The curtain wall of glass and aluminum veneer has better fireproof performance, and the stone curtain wall has poor fireproof performance. Especially in high-rise buildings, if a fire breaks out, the fire will increase the temperature of the metal structure brackets that hang the slabs, soften the steel, and the slabs will fall from the upper floors, posing danger not only to pedestrians, but also to cause firefighters to have difficulty in fighting fire. In addition to fire performance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, sound insulation and other properties should also choose a better curtain wall material.

Fourth, more convenient and quick construction technology

The weight of the material affects the difficulty of the installation process. The stone curtain wall consumes relatively high cost during transportation, and requires more difficult technology in the installation process. As the lightweight material of aluminum veneer and glass curtain wall, with the maturity of the installation technology, more choices of two materials as the curtain wall material, easy to control the construction period, and take less time.

Five, environmental protection and energy conservation

The material can be recycled and used to save costs in production. With the development of technology, the curtain wall material is commonly used in metal materials, metal can be recycled, and the service life is longer.

PRANCE waterproof fashion office aluminum veneer curtain wall is very popular in commercial complex projects in many countries. It combines functions and aesthetics, and can be produced customized.