The office is the place where daily work is carried out. In the process of regional division, in addition to the full consideration of the size of the office and the layout of the functional areas of the company, the proportion of the size of the office furniture and equipment must be taken into account when planning the layout. Helps maximize the use of office space and increase the efficiency of members.

1. Full partition division method

This method is relatively simple, and uses a soundproofing partition (such as louver double glass partition) to separate the work area, which is conducive to concentration, protection of privacy information, and improvement of work efficiency.

2. Semi-open partition partitioning method

Working in this space makes members feel relaxed and free at work, suitable for team communication and cooperation. This zoning approach solves the space flexibility necessary for modern office work, making the space look spacious.

3. Design method of shared space

The design method of shared space is a new form of office space division, which lays out offices according to different work departments, nature of work, functions, and institutions. When it takes into account the collective space, it also attaches importance to the personal environment and can adapt to the needs of modern work.

4. Sctive partition form

Active partitions, also called soft partitions, are a common method of spatial division. Choose a fabric or screen with good texture and beautiful color, and divide the work area into independent spaces with different functions. It has any opening characteristics and is an ideal form of elastic indoor space.

The customer can choose the type of division and the type of partition suitable for the company according to the actual situation, and improve the working efficiency of the members. PRANCE various types of partition products can solve the overall office decoration plan for customers, to meet the style and function of various offices, welcome to consult!