The accessories for the aluminium clip in ceilings aluminum installation are:

  1. L angle
  2. hanger of spring tee
  3. expansion screw
  4. spring tee
  5. hanger of main channel
  6. 38 main channel
  7. thread rod.

In the building materials market, there are various types of ceiling mounting accessories for sale. Some customers will purchase aluminum ceilings and accessories at different manufacturers, resulting in various problems during the installation process.

Why is it better to buy aluminium clip in ceilings and accessories at the same manufacturer?

Because the channel is purchased in other factories, there will be cases where the channel cannot be buckled on the clip in ceiling. This is because different factory specifications are different, and the produced channel will have errors. After the installation, the entire ceiling may be uneven, with black seams. The consequences of poor installation lead to an unattractive overall environment.

This is not a product quality problem, but there is a gap in the installation process between the aluminum panel and the accessories, which does not meet the standard effect. However, if the accessories and the aluminium in ceilings are purchased from the same manufacturer, you can negotiate with the manufacturer, exchange or propose a solution.

The PRANCE brand’s aluminum clip in ceilings can be selected to match the accessories of the entire installation project, accurately calculate the number of accessories used per square meter, reduce the chance of error during the installation process, and solve the problems in the installation process in time.

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