The engineering aluminum ceiling treatment is commonly used in the powder coating process.The process of powder coating plate firstly forms the light aluminum plate according to the drawings, then polishes it, and sends it to the cleaning tank for alkali washing and pickling. Then, it is sent to the spray booth for painting and baking.

Spraying method: electrostatic adsorption method, non-electrostatic method, dry powder coating, liquid spraying.

The paint used for the surface treatment of aluminum ceilings can be selected for indoor use or for outdoor (anti-aging, anti-corrosion, etc.) materials depending on the engineering needs.The powder coating process is carried out after the aluminum sheet is formed, and the powder coating process has considerable flexibility. In order to keep the color thickness of the whole batch of products consistent, the uniformity during the spray powder spraying process and the temperature of the product drying after the powder coating process must be strictly controlled.



PRANCE uses advanced machines to produce aluminum ceilings. The powder coating process is used to complete the surface treatment of the products. The products are thick enough, the colors can be customized, the color difference is small, and the durability is long. The aluminum ceiling surface formed by the powder coating process is a textured textured surface that enhances the ambient atmosphere and softens the ambient light. Learn more,welcome to contact PRANCE.